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VIDEO Widget.

Your personal video message will pop-up in a friendly attention-grabbing bubble, welcoming your website visitors. Depending on your plan, you can have multiple unique ClickBubble VIDEO Widgets on separate pages, with different calls to action. Available in Basic, Pro & Elite Plans.


REVIEW Widget.

Use ClickBubble Review Forms to have Customers instantly and easily submit their video review directly from their phone. Then, showcase Video Testimonials of your past customers to prospective clients! Also encourage customers to post their written review to your GBP. Available in Pro & Elite Plans.



Create VideoFlows that lead your website visitor down a path. Link multiple videos together in a single ClickBubble Widget. See an example of this powerful "Choose Your Own Adventure" style widget BELOW, or by clicking HERE. Available in Elite Plan.


Channel Options.

All Channels that can be implemented: Email, Text, Phone, 

Messenger, Booking Calendar, WhatsApp, Telegram, Link Page, Custom Embed, iFrame, Opt-in, LeadEngage, Ringbot, CE, Opentable, Rezy, ZingIt, ReviewForm, Menu, AIDcrm for a total of 20.


Integration Options.

All Integrations that can be implemented: Zapier, ConvertKit, MailChimp, Active Campaign, GHL, Google Sheets, and all future integrations that are added.


Widget Analytics.

Get detailed Analytics about performances like Widget Loads, Opens, Most Active Countries, Top Devices, Active OS, Active Browser, Channel Engagement, etc

ClickBubble Feature Examples (Widget Types)

1. VIDEO Widget Example.

Warmly welcome your website visitors with a personal greeting and lead them to a specific call to action.

▸ 1. Introduce yourself.
▸ 2. Explain how you can help.
▸ 3. Lead your visitors to their next step.

See more on our Video Widget Page.

2. REVIEW Widget Examples.

Video Testimonials from your past Customers are a powerful way to bring in new business. The ClickBubble Review Widget can be displayed in 1 of 3 Ways listed below.
Watch this quick :60 Sample Video 👉

▸ 1. Carousel - Shows One Testimonial at a time.
▸ 2. Infinite - Shows All Testimonials in a Straight Row 

▸ 3. Grid - Shows All Testimonials at once on a Page.

See more on our Review Widget Page.

3. VIDEOFLOW Widget Example.

This Real Estate Team wanted to showcase different options (Intro/Spanish/Buyers/Sellers/Join Us) and utilized the ClickBubble VideoFlow Widget.
👈 Watch this :30 Overview Video to experience the VideoFlow sequence. (see complete 4:30 demo of this HERE)

▸ 1. Your visitor chooses which video they want to watch.
▸ 2. This creates more engagement/longer time on your site.
▸ 3. A VideoFlow can be created with just One Widget.

See more on our VideoFlow Widget Page.

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